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Tour Testimonials

Here's what participants are saying about our tours
These are genuine comments received by us from participants on our tours. Many of our tour participants have offered to vouch for us. If you would like to communicate with someone who has already been on our tours please let us know and we'll put you in touch.

Michael Z.
I had done a lot of research prior to my Java trip and actually Graeme was the only one which offered a tour to Bromo outside the usual tourist route (e.g wake up in the middle of the night, ride for a while, be in the middle of 50 tourists to see the hypothetical sunrise). Even if it is on the high end price wise, I am so glad we took it!! First of all, on this end of October the weather was not so great so we might have seen nothing at sunrise which spoils a bit the 2 am wake up. Secondly, well rested, we took an alternative route to Bromo where we were basically the only ones. Great local market en route, very typical Javanese. Then clouds and rain all the way to the top city. Change car to a jeep, and...magic: a great open vista when we arrived at the caldera, we could see the Bromo, its brother, and the sea of sand. We were also the 1sts for a year to be able to go down the sea of sand, which was quite a ride! Then a quick walk up to the footsteps of the crater, we would not go on top because it was basically erupting with fumes when we were there, an eerie feeling. Well I guess we could have but it was not a really safe behavior. Great pictures though. Then rain again back to the top, and down, quite rough at times. We managed to arrive to a little village where Graeme has some friends, got to visit a traditional house with a real family! And finally super traditional lunch back down, and return to Surabaya. All and all a great day and one of the highlights of the trip. Of course it would have been even more a blast with clear skies but...Brahma decides! And he let us quite a good glimpse of the volcano nonetheless! Thank you Graeme from all the family and the girls for a great day!
Santhosh K.
The thought of walking to the top of an active volcano and looking down into the crater was exciting and before I even found out how to go about doing it,I booked my flight from Jogja to Surabaya. I found out about Graeme via Tripadvisor and got in touch with him over email and told him that I would like to go to Mt. Bromo and would like to do the sunrise viewing of Mt.Bromo. Graeme promptly responded and informed me that Mt. Bromo was active now and can be viewed only from a safe distance. He also said he does not recommend a sunrise tour. I was a tad disappointed about that but I shouldn't have been! :) Once the dates and times were synced, Graeme picked us up from our hotel in Surabaya on time. On the way, we stopped by at a local market. It was interesting to interact with the locals there. The people living around Mt. Bromo are called the Tenggerese people (who follow Hinduism) and we stopped by to see how they farm on very steep hillsides. Graeme explained to us the history of the Tanggerese people and their unique survival techniques faced with tremendous odds. After that we stopped at a waypoint where we switched to an all terrain vehicle and headed to the various viewing points around Mt. Bromo. We quickly realized that it was a good idea to skip the sun rise viewing because apparently it would have been insanely crowded at that time with everyone jostling for spots to take photos from. I am not exaggerating too much when I say we pretty much had the entire Mt. Bromo to ourselves. There was not a single tourist to be seen around and we could take our own time to walk around and enjoy the awe-inspiring view of an active volcano. Since it was not cloudy, we could clearly see the volcano in the act of spewing out large quantities of smoke.I can't thank Graeme enough for skipping the sunrise tour. :) We spent around 2 hours to drive around and getting the view of Bromo from different angles. On the way out, we stopped by at a Hindu shrine. Being Hindus, we felt very happy visiting a temple there. Graeme had advised us to stay in Surabaya and not near Bromo because it would have been insanely expensive or would have poor accommodation. The drive each way took us about 2.5 to 3 hours and we spent a lot of time talking to Graeme. Graeme is a great conversationalist and after having spent 3 decades in Indonesia is very passionate and knowledgeable about the country, the culture and the people. Graeme organizes many other trips which I did not know about. If I had, I would have explored Surabaya and the surroundings a little more. To summarize, Graeme organized the tour perfectly and we did not have any problem. The fact that he is so knowledgeable and willing to share made it a wonderful learning experience for us. I also thank Graeme for ensuring that we got our vegan food when we stopped for lunch. :) :) I highly recommend a visit to Mt. Bromo with Graeme.
Jennifer S.
I've done several tours with Authentic Java Tours and all of them have been wonderful. You get great information on the history of the area and beautiful sites. Plus great shopping!
Martin I.
The day trip, One Day Hiking Tour in East Java, was the big highlight in our 3-week stay in Indonesia and will remain for us memorable. My son and I enjoyed a very versatile and informative tour with fantastically beautiful hills, with very idyllic rice terraces and meditative waterfalls. After a very delicious lunch we started a beautiful forest walk. The whole day was absolutely amazing for us, many thanks Graeme!
Catherine Y.
5 Day Tour of the Coast of East Java. We stayed at AJT's villa on the South Coast of East Java, a few hours' drive from Surabaya. Graeme brought us to beautiful secluded bays and beaches. The waters were clean and a lovely blue/green. We did a hike to see breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. We also visited the beautiful Lowo Cave, where we saw awesome stalagmites and stalactites. The fishing boats were a lovely sight on the clear blue waters at the fishing ports. Food was simple and prepared by Graeme and his helpers at the villa. We enjoyed fresh fish and lobsters. Our son even got to learn from Graeme in the kitchen, enjoying himself, learning about making bread, pizzas and macaroni cheese. The villa was peaceful, and stands in a large compound, complete with cats, goats and chickens. It was a very relaxing holiday for us.