Regular Tours » Old Surabaya Tour - 7 Hours

A tour through old Surabaya, taking you to a wharf where traditional pnisi iron-wood and teak schooners can be viewed; the historic colonial-era business district from the early 1800's to mid-1900's; a number of buildings designed by Dutch architects, including a bank building and a plantation headquarters that is the finest example of the "Indies"-style  in Surabaya. We will also visit bustling Chinatown; the exotic Arab Quarter, and enter one of Surabaya’s oldest and most colourful food markets; an old clove cigarette factory and museum; an early 19th century Chinese Buddhist temple; a walk through a traditional kampong; and a museum devoted to the independence struggle. We visit the historic Hotel Majapahit, one of the most beautiful hotels in Asia. An optional stop at a set-price emporium of handicrafts can be included. This tour is offered all year round.

Old Surabaya Tour - 7 Hours | Authentic Java Tours - For The Discerning Traveler