Regular Tours » Madura Tour - 3-4 Days

This tour visits the seldom visited island of Madura, just off the coast of Surabaya. Modern life has largely passed Madura by, providing many interesting traditional sights and lots of local charm. Madura is a friendly island and visitors are made to feel welcome. Offered all year round.

Highlights include:

•             Beautiful scenic trip along the north coast of the island along the Java Sea

•             Secluded clean golden-sand beach for a swim en-route to our main destination, Sumenep

•             Visit to a 17th century Royal Cemetery

•             See the amazing limestone quarries hewed out by hand over centuries

•             Explore an 18th century Sultan’s palace and museum

•             Walk through the old parts of Sumenep to see the fine colonial-era architecture

•             Visit two cottage-industry batik villages, with a chance to see  Madura’s unique batik styles being produced, and the opportunity to make purchases at discounted prices

•             Explore the authentic local scene: traditional day and night markets and village life

·               Visit a village specializing in the making of Indonesian traditional ceremonial keris daggers

•             Opportunity to seek out antiques and other local products for sale

•             Boat journey to a neighboring island off the east coast of Madura

               A boat journey to and day spent at Gili Labak, one of Indonesia's most beautiful islands.



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